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Fund a Project

Bathroom Vanities

There are three bathrooms in each of our twelve apartments. While four vanities have been replaced, the rest of the bathrooms need to be refreshed.

Supplies: 21 vanities, faucets, and mirrors.

Estimated Cost: $5,500

Interior Doors

Each apartment has seven 36"x80" doors and three 30"x80x doors.

Supplies: 110 six-panel hollow core doors.

Estimated Cost: $22,440


Each apartment has three bathrooms. We would like to replace our toilets with more efficient, low-flow toilets.

Supplies: 33 toilets, wax rings, and flanges

Estimated Cost: $7,920

Roof, Soffit, and Fascia Repair

Sections of the roof, soffit, and facia need repairs

Estimated Cost: $1,200

Flooring Replacement

We have recently replaced the flooring in six of our apartments with luxury vinyl plank flooring for extra durability and a warm feeling. We need to replace the flooring in the remaining six apartments.

Supplies: Vinyl plank flooring for six apartments.

Estimated Cost: $7,500 per apartment for materials and labor. Total cost for six units is $45,000.

Water Heaters

While each apartment could use a new water heater, there are six that need to be replaced in the near future.

Supplies: Six water heaters

Estimated Cost: $11,500 for supplies and labor


Each of our twelve apartments has five windows measuring 31"x45". The blinds in all our units need to be replaced.

Supplies: Sixty sets of blinds

Estimated Cost: $1,200

Trapex Plumbing Protection System

Occasionally, diapers, sanitary products, and other items are accidentally flushed down the toilets leading to backups in apartments and on the street. This system will trap debris before it flushes down the toilet, preventing expensive repairs in the future.

Supplies: Trapex plumbing system

Estimated Cost: $11,620

If you're interested in funding any of these projects, click here to email Jeff, our Development and Communications Director.

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