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Meet Kat Lilley

I want to take a moment to introduce you to Kat Lilley.

Kat is a Colorado native who has had close ties to Family Promise of Colorado Springs since 2013, when she and her children experienced homelessness. Six years later, she now serves as the executive director of the same affiliate that served her and her children, and she sits on the Guest Advisory Council with Family Promise National. Kat was empowered to overcome her homeless situation with the support and services of Family Promise and its amazing volunteers.

Upon successfully moving into her new home in 2014, she felt drawn to give back. After taking a few months to stabilize her six children in their new home, her family volunteered with the Colorado Springs affiliate to help provide meals and overnight hosting services to guest families, and in November 2014 she joined the affiliate’s Finance Committee. Since March 2015, Kat has been on staff with Family Promise of Colorado Springs. In June 2016, she joined the Guest Advisory Council with Family Promise National, where she found she truly loves advocating for families and children working through homelessness, and supporting an organization which is life changing for thousands of vulnerable families in our nation.

Having come full circle from experiencing homelessness to empowering those working through homelessness, Kat feels her journey through hardship now has purpose. She is passionate in lending her voice in support of vulnerable families working through a struggle she knows firsthand, remembering what it felt like to be desperate to find hope and navigate back to stable housing for her children.

Kat is an inspiring individual whose story truly illustrates the impact Family Promise has on the families we serve, both in Wake County and through affiliates across the nation. We are honored that she will join us as our keynote speaker during out 25th anniversary celebration and fundraiser on April 14. While Family Promise founder Karen Olson was slated to speak during the event, she recently experienced a health crisis. She is well on her way to recovery but is not yet able to travel.

We are thrilled Kat is available to join us in her stead.

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